Great figures of Argolida


Great figures of Argolida

Polykleitos the Argive: A famous sculptor especially in bronze, active around 450-420 B.C., Polykleitos had been the pupil of the celebrated Argive sculptor Hageladas. A master in his art, he made many masterpieces, of which remain but a few. The most inspired of all his creations is the statue of Hera, the goddess-protector of Argos. Among his great works are the statues of: Hermes in Lysimachia, Aphrodite at Amyclae, Zeus the Mild, Apollo, Leto, Artemis. It’s worth mentioning that the base of the statue of the Olympic victor Pythocles carries the inscription “Πολύκλειτος Αργείος εποίησεν” (meaning “created by Polykleitos the Argive”).

Kleobis and Viton (580 B.C.): They were brothers and most worthy Argive athletes. Their mother Cydippe was a priestess of Hera, the goddessprotector of Argos. They will forever be remembered for the divine deed they performed as an offer to Hera; because the white cows at Hera’s festival delayed to come from the fields, the two brave athletes impersonated the sacred animals, were harnessed to the chariot with their mother on, and pulled it for 45 stadia (8 kilometres), all the way from Argos to the Heraion, the temple of the goddess.

Eugenia Zografou: A playwright, novelist and journalist, who was born in Nafplio in 1878 and died in 1963. In the history of Greek journalism, Eugenia Zografou is probably at the top rank of the so-called Labour reportage, which she serves with her unique literary style and her political positions.

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