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The variety of the morphology of the landscape of the Argolida prefecture enables the visitor to admire, as well as to experience feelings by becoming adventurous wandering through archeological sites and monuments, surrounded by unique natural beauties. A fact strongly supported by the great number of visitors and the ongoing tourist development of the area.

Another major factor not to be omitted is the fact that Argolida used to be one of the most historically significant birthplaces of the Greek civilization, documented by a plethora of findings even from the prehistoric era. But it has to be mentioned that the most important monuments are those of the Mycenaean civilization, highly historically important creations of the classical and Hellenistic period (1600 – 1100 BC), periods during which both the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros and the Small Theatre of Ancient Epidavros were constructed. Monuments of the medieval period are also of great interest, such as the Castles of the cities of Nafplio, New Epidavros, Ermioni, but churches and monasteries as well of the Byzantine period found in many places throughout the prefecture.  A variety of significant monuments and museums with various exhibits of the Modern Greek history are also found at the Argolida prefecture, the majority of them at the city of Nafplio, the first capital of the liberated Greek nation after the end of the Turkish domination.

But it is not only the cultural tradition of Argolida that raises the interest of a visitor. Argolida is also the identical place to enjoy and relax. Picturesque cities and villages, like Nafplio, Tolo, Ancient Epidavros, Porto Heli, Kranidi, or Ermioni are places for the visitors to walk through experiencing the unique beauty of the scenery, taste traditional local products and sense the deep feelings of hospitality of the Greeks. The great number of amazing beaches surrounding the Argolida Prefecture such as Porto Heli, Epidavros, Ermioni, Tolo, Koilada are also a contributing factor for Argolida to be one of the most famous vacation destination, especially during the summer months.  It has also to be mentioned that another major tourist attraction around the world is the Festival of Epidavros held annually, with a variety of important cultural performances and activities. Currently the Argolida Prefecture is a destination for the lovers of alternative   tourism, meaning agro tourism, religious tourism, sports tourism, cultural tourism and environmental tourism as well, satisfying most of the needs of the majority of the visitors.

Since the Prefecture of Argolida is not far from Athens provided with a fully satisfactory motorway net driving not only to Athens, but to the surrounding prefectures of Peloponnese as well, is justifiably regarded as the identical tourist destination throughout the year, as it is indeed a place to feel the magic and lightness of history. 

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