A few words

 A glimpse of the past
It’s a relatively new village, built around 1850 AD by settlers from Arkadia; up until ca. 1940 it was known under the name Kolliaki or Kollines.

A visitor may take a walk here in the open to relax and admire the rich vegetation. There are also two important destinations to choose and go to; northwards to Epidaurus and its historic monuments or southwards to Ermionida, where one may take a boat to the islands of Hydra and Spetses. This little village is worth visiting not only for its view but also for the tastes it offers. It’s quite famous for its dairy products, bakery products, traditional pasta, as well as meat of every kind, cooked in many different tasty ways in the few taverns of the area.

Local products
If you visit the village, you will have the chance to taste many traditional products of Argolida; chilopites, a type of pasta made with pure local ingredients, dairy products, olives and olive oil are just a few of the products local people are famous for.

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