A few words

Candia is a picturesque little village of about 250 people located on the southeast of Nafplio, right by the sea. Local people are mainly occupied in agriculture, fishing and tourism.

A glimpse of the past
Candia was populated a little after the Greek War of Independence of 1821 by refugees from Crete. Its name comes from the Venetian name of Crete, still at use at the time. Many years later, settlers from Arcadia came to live there as well.

However there are traces of a much earlier settlement in the area; the remains of the citadel (Acropolis) on the hill of Candia date from the Mycenaean era.

It’s a must

While touring around Candia, don’t miss to visit the mouth of the small river of Asclepius. This natural sight forms a small delta at the beach of Candia, habitat of sea turtles and of various types of fish.

Local and other events
Every year, on the 1st of July, in honour of Saints Anargyroi (The Holy Unmercenary Doctors), there’s a local religious festival, with dancing, singing and lots of fun. Visitors will have the opportunity to know a tradition that has resisted time.
The Cultural Society of Candia is very active in the village. Its aim is to promote and help boost the spiritual and cultural life of the region.


Along the beach there are cute little taverns to taste delicious fresh fish, as well as bars just next to the sea that guarantee a pleasant evening out.

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