Agios Andrianos

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Agios Andrianos is a big village with a population of 1.020 inhabitants.The village is located very close to the city of Nafplio, as well as the ancient city of Tirintha. Main occupation of the villagers was the cultivation of oranges and potatoes too, but, lately most of them have given up these activities turning to the tourism industry. The name of the village until 1940 used to be Katsigkri, the name of a Turkish Aga Katsigkr. The village was then given the name Agios Andrianos, the name of the church of Agios Andrianos, a church with great religious importance for the locals, which was built at the area during the 18th century.

Agios Andrianos is located very close to the city of ancient Tirintha so there are a lot to see and visit at the area. The Tirintha Dam is one of the most important findings of the region. It was constructed during the Mycenaean period, probably during the 13th century B.C. The dam had been constructed in order to protect the city from being flooded by a passing stream. The women’s monastery of Agios Dimitrios Karakalas is also a place worth visiting. The monastery is found at a very short distance from the village. The exact construction date of the monastery is not verified, it is believed to have been built during the 11th century. An exhibition of the embroideries made by the nuns exists at the monastery. The church of Agios Andrianos is found standing at the top of the hill, the main and most important sightseeing of the region. It was probably built in 1743, but because the church was twice burnt it is very difficult to find out the exact date of its construction. There is a belief that it might have been constructed even earlier than 1743. The wall paintings of the church, which are relatively well preserved, are of great importance.

The main organized event of the village takes place on the 26th and 27th of August, the day commemorating the memories of Agios Andrianos and Agia Natalia. Folklore music and dancing performances entertain the locals and the visitors as well.

The main target of the cultural club of Agios Andrianos is to project the culture of the village, even publishing their own local newspaper.  

13th c. B.C. the ancient dam of Tirintha was constructed
1743  the church of Agios Andrianos was built
1930 – 1940 the village was renamed to Agios Andrianos from Katsigkri

The dam of Ancient Tirintha
The monastery of Karakala
The church of Agios Andrianos

The thaumaturgic church of Agios Andrianos

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