Handgearbeitete Stoffe - Nafplio

The “Agnythes” handcrafted weavings shall take you over a trip to the past and the future filled with colours and events. Maria Gonidou weaves her fabric on a hand operated traditional loom with traditional Greek techniques. Shawls, scarves and ties ...


Konditorei - Nafplio

The store “Chocola” is a family business with many years of experience. Create every day pure and enjoyable sweets for you. we also offer catering services to all kinds of social or professional event like weddings, christenings etc.
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Fischfang - Jagd - Nafplio

The store "EXANDAS" in Nafplion, has a large collection of fishing equipment, products for marine excursions camping and hunting items. The vast experience in this area is sure to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. ...


Farm marneris
Metzger - Nafplio

The products served at our steakhouse are of the best quality, being taken care from their production to their consumption. Loving and really enjoying bothering ourselves with such business we serve tasty traditional dishes much appreciated by the people of ...


Telefon-PC-Internet - Nafplio


Karamanos Organic farms
Biologische Produkte - Nafplio

Karamanos ecological farms began organic farming in 1996 in a land that stretched over 18000 square metres (about 5 acres) mostly with citrus trees. Today the land being cultivated is over 40000 sq. m. (about 10 acres) mainly in Argolida ...


Karonis distillery shop
Brennerei - Weinkellerei - Nafplio

Karonis Distilleries are situated in a privately owned area of Agia Paraskevi, Nafplion (on the road leading to the Palamidi Castle), two minutes from the centre of the town. A family run business, Karonis is a distillery that has been ...


Supermärkte - Nafplio

ANEDIK SA hat es geschafft, ein Supermarktketten in vielen Bereichen wie Argo Saronischen Golf, Ägina, Spetses, Poros, Kranidi Porto-Heli, Ermioni, Attika, Euböa und Korthos, durch harte, konstante und ehrliche Arbeit, und immer erstellen mit Leidenschaft und Liebe für das, was ...


Konditorei - Nafplio

Wandern auf den malerischen kleinen Gassen der Altstadt von Nafplio, sehr nah zum Strand, finden Sie "Melirryton", eine einzigartige Süßwaren in einem alten Steinhaus von 1860. Sie werden sich mit großer Ästhetik in einen warmen und gastfreundlichen Umgebung zu erhalten ...


Konditorei - Nafplio

The Cafe - Pastry Store Melosa is a family business with 40 years of experience. By having our own production facilities, we can creat daily pure and enjoyable sweets for you. We also offer catering services to all kinds of ...


Nectar & amvrosia
Honig-Produkte - Nafplio

For us, apiculture is an art, a living art that constantly evolves combining nature s miraculous qualities, beekeeping tradition and experience, excellent packaging, as well as respect for the product and the consumer. Well possessing the secrets of the ...


Olive wood - nafplio nature
Andenken - Souvenirs - Nafplio

In the heart of the cosmopolitan Nafplio, this crossroad of cultures with its incredible variations of blue and green, Nafpliou Fysis is a unique store. Here you may find handicrafts from materials that nature itself in this part of Greece ...


Eisdiele - Nafplio

The idea of the establishment of Pagotomania was born during vacations in Italy. Italy is the country where Gelato is not just in fashion during summer time but a delicious mania during the whole year. Using a secret recipe ...


Sandals workshop
Leder - Nafplio

The shoe as art goes back many years. Our country has always had excellent craftsmen. His deep knowledge and enthusiasm soon spread their fame abroad. Established as one of the best in the world ‘ The Sandalopoieio continues this tradition ...


Sweet home
Konditorei - Nafplio


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