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3 sixty
Café & Snack-Bar - Nafplio

3Sixty is not just another cafe-bar. We thought, designed and tirelessly organised for several months what we call 3Sixty cafe. Our goal was to offer a place for people to meet and entertain, a real hot spot ...


Ab vasilopoulos
Supermärkte - Ancient Epidaurus

The supermarket "AB Vassilopoulos" gives the consumer a variety of products at very good prices. It provides its services with consistency and with the basic criterion quality. It has trained staff that serves you daily with the best way ...


Handgearbeitete Stoffe - Nafplio

The “Agnythes” handcrafted weavings shall take you over a trip to the past and the future filled with colours and events. Maria Gonidou weaves her fabric on a hand operated traditional loom with traditional Greek techniques. Shawls, scarves and ties ...


Café & Snack-Bar - Ancient Epidaurus

Aigialos, am schönen Strand Gialasi, zieht Besucher von Epidaurus und die weitere Umgebung. Wenn Sie früh morgens aufwachen möchten, können Sie an den Sonnenliegen mit einem Kaffee, frische Säfte, Obst, Snacks und frische Salate zu entspannen. Am Nachmittag, Sie mit ...


Café & Snack-Bar - Ancient Epidaurus

The AKTIS hotel is located in the harbour of Arhea Epidavros, Ancient Epidavros, Epidavros, Epidaurus, which is the oldest in the Argolida. The hotel was founded in 1975 and has been recently renovated. AKTIS prouds itself for being the ...


Café & Snack-Bar - Ligourio

We invite you to "AMADEUS", a beautiful space in Lygourio, where we offer coffee, drinks, pastries, ice cream and unique snacks. And when the night comes, we create an atmosphere filled with fun, and even live music at times.


Antheon dimiourgies
Flower shop - Ancient Epidaurus

Plants & Flowers - Decorations Wedding & Baptisms - Gifts
The greatest moments of your life deserve the most perfect surroundings. We started our store, “Antheon Dimiourgies”, out of love for decoration and for flowers, nature’s prettiest gift to human being. ...


Argos Commercial Association gibt bekannt, dass die Geschäfte geöffnet sein werden
Neuigkeiten - Argos

Die Handelsvereinigung von Argos gibt an, dass die Argos Läden am Sonntag, dem 6. November, trotz der Ankündigung des Verbandes der privaten Angestellten im Streik offen bleiben werden. Nach Artikel 16 von l. 4177/2013, Geschäfte aller Art und in allen ...


Bäckereien - Ancient Epidaurus

Our commitment to traditional quality makes us a special bakery for years. At "Artos" bakery, you will find fresh bread, pastries and unique creations from personal recipes. We look forward to seeing you up close and to experience the ...


Café & Snack-Bar - Poros

In the most well known beach of Poros, in Askeli, you may enjoy delightful Mediterranean specialties at the Askeli restaurant right by the sea. The sea breeze will enhance your appetite for lunch or romantic dinner under the rhythmic plop ...


Barbaressa snack bar
Café & Snack-Bar - Tolo

In the taverna/cafe bar which is situated on the beach just underneath the apartments, you could start your day enjoying breakfast {full or continental} or after a morning swim enjoy a lunchtime snack, choosing from a wide range of ...


Blue cafe
Café - Ancient Epidaurus

The café “BLUE" invites you to the harbour to relax and enjoy an aromatic coffee with appetizers hard to resist, fresh-squeezed juices, refreshing drinks, sweets, ice cream, snacks and a variety of drinks.


Metzger - Ancient Epidaurus

The butcher “Bolbos" is a family owned company which, for years now, brings tradition to your table. With the responsibility we feel towards our customers, we continue to offer excellent quality, excellent service, and delicious and original suggestions for ...


Cafe roumani
Café - Spetses

One of the most well known hotels in Spetses, Hotel Roumani, has opened its own café in the busiest part of the island. Roumani café in Dapia is open all day long, and with its magnificent view over the sea ...


Ceramics factory
Andenken - Souvenirs - Ligourio

"CERAMOTECHNICA XIPOLIAS" has an experience of 40 years, follows the traditional technique and manufactures majolica ceramics in archaic patterns from Ancient Greek Mythology. The unique images, the authentic moulds and the best raw materials, clear of toxic agents, give us ...


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