Freizeit & Wohlbefinden


Happy flo
Café & Snack-Bar - Kilada

Happy Flo welcomes you at the Koilada port, in a warm environment of modern aesthetics, where coffee preparation is a true ritual. Waffles with ice creams made the traditional way, together with small wine and ouzo accompaniments, are all served ...


Tzitzikas cafe
Café - Kilada

The Tzitzikas cafe is a pleasant seaside area, next to palm trees, where you can taste the famous, aromatic and fine quality coffee PORTIOLI, enjoy your drink and the unique flavors of ice cream.


Café & Snack-Bar - Kilada

At the Valley café, found in the quiet and picturesque valley beach, enjoying your coffee or drinks is the ultimate way of escaping from everyday life. Located in an area of particular aesthetics that alternates tradition with modernity, Valley ...


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