Tavernen-Grill Houses - Ermioni

At the picturesque harbor of Ermioni, overlooking the deep blue sea, you shall find Paradosiako. In its environment, a perfect combination of modern and traditional aesthetics, right by the sea, you may enjoy genuine Greek flavours from selected ingredients. Roasts, ...


Souvlaki bar
Tavernen-Grill Houses - Ermioni

Summertime in Ermioni goes together well with Souvlaki Bar. The environment, the music and the team of Souvlaki Bar are an inspiration for all true gourmands, while our great variety of meat dishes, especially souvlaki, our salads and specialties shall ...


Tavernen - Ermioni

If you are in the area of Maderi - Ermioni, you have to stop at the traditional tavern “TZIERIS”, by the beach with tables overlooking the beautiful blue sea water. Here, we offer delicious Greek dishes, fresh fish, various assortments and ...


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