Essen - Tavernen

Zugriffe: 1841 Adresse: 3, Sidiras Merarchias str. Stadt: Nafplio

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It is said that Ioannis Kapodistrias thought up a plan to overcome the Greek people's reluctance to try the new product; he locked up the potatoes, then called "geomila" (i.e. "apples of the earth") into warehouses, which he deliberately left unguarded at night, so that people could easily break into them and loot the potatoes, considering them precious enough to need locking up. And it is there, in the very heart of Nafplio, that you may taste the most amazing tidbits of the brand new tavern "Geomilo": stews, roasts, seafood, fine wine, tsipouro and ouzo. Need more? Come to "Geomilo"!
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