Poros - Poros Island - Greece (Hellas)


City: Poros

Poros - Poros Island - Greece (Hellas)

Poros is an island of serenity, romance and relaxation, scattered with pines that go all the way down to its sandy beaches. On top of the highest hill of the city, stands the historic Clock Tower among prickly pears and pine trees, with an excellent view over the port and the opposite shores. In Poros, you should definitely see the mansions that are considered specimens of neoclassicism, such as Villa Galini, which housed significant personalities of the Arts and Literature from time to time. Also, don’t forget to go across to Galatas and visit Lemonodasos, a large area abundant in lemon and orange trees, with lots of waters and water-mills. Bourzi, a little island with a fort, at the eastern entrance of the port, is also worth a visit. Finally, you should go and see the exquisite murals of Parthenis in the Cathedral of St George, as well as the marvelous 17th century woodcut iconostasis (templon) carved in Cappadocia of Asia Minor, in the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.

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