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City: Poros


Thanks to its location, Poros is an all-season tourist resort. It’s ideal for those who desire relaxing vacations, but can also provide action. Its peaceful waters, combined with the moderate, most of the times, climate of the region, provide the ideal conditions for taking up or learning all kinds of sports and outdoor activities in fully equipped buildings with all the facilities. You may take up any water sport you want, under the supervision of a special trainer. There’s rowing, kayaking and sailing you can take up at the two water sports clubs of the island. In Neorio there’s a water ski school, where experienced trainers give lessons to beginners. Also, in Askeli, one and a half km from the harbor, there’s a diving school for the sport lovers. If you have a boat, it’s worth taking a boat trip around the island to visit its gorgeous crystal clear beaches. Especially the north side of the island with its rocky sea bottom is ideal for underwater fishing.

A tourist in Poros has also the alternative of the mountain, where he may go for a stroll, biking, hiking and even… horse riding. Horse riders may choose routes either on the mountain through marvelous pinewoods, or by the sea, next to verdant shores overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Argosaronic Gulf. Trails through pinewoods are also ideal for mountain bike lovers. Poros is good for hiking, too, since it’s one of the few islands in Greece with so much green. You have numerous options, depending on your preferences and capabilities, and hundreds of trails are awaiting you to discover them. The untouched natural environment and the wonderful view from the hills of the island will definitely dazzle you.

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