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Things to do - Argos

Argos is a vast open museum depicting the history of the region from ancient to modern times, thereof comes its unique atmosphere. It’s worth rambling about its suburbs. The landscape is marvelous, with the vast orange groves alternating with fields ...


Athlisis tennis club
Things to do - Argos

Athlisis Tennis Club welcomes you to a well-organized space, with 3 synthetic turf tennis courts, where you may exercise the sport of tennis and spend your free time quite enjoyably.

It includes tennis courts that comply with ITF international ...


Things to do - Argos

Argos is a big city with taverns, grill-houses and restaurants with a variety of Greek and international plates, offering unforgettable gastronomic pleasures. The visitor who wants a night out will find various places to go and have a great time. ...


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