The Triathlon History in Greece


The Triathlon History in Greece

In 1996 he founded the Greek Amateur Triathlon Federation and the 1999 official body recognized by the Greek Federation of Triathlon.
In our country created a Triathlon own tradition with growth and many successes at international level.
In 2000 in Sydney where the triathlon for the first time enters the program of the Olympic Games had the qualification and the presence of the top athlete of our country Basil Bulb!
The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Vassilis gives again the present-qualified for the Olympics.
In 2012 comes the turn of qualification by a representative of the womens foil. The top triathlete of all time Deniz Dimaki qualifies for Beijing and take part in the Olympic Games.
In 2007 while he was crowned third in the European Biathlon Championship held in Serres, while the same year had already won 2nd place in the European ranking (through victories in many European cups) with coach anymore Basil Bulb.
The growth continues and effort similar successes continued and the current administration of the Greek Triathlon Federation headed by the President. George Yerolymbos.


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