Farewell to Leonard Cohen


City: Hydra

Farewell to Leonard Cohen



Farewell to Leonard Cohen, LAST ON AN ERA

Today we say Fare Well to a great Man: Leonard Cohen.

His music will remain with us: to soften our days, to smooth our burdens and inspire us to live and love…

Leonard Cohen was one of a kind. A kind that today is almost extinct. An Artist, a Pilgrim, an old Soul.

He researched the true meaning of love, through poetry, music, meditation, feeling, Mind and Body.

He showed Love as  the search of the miraculous, the inner search, the longing to discover our true nature, to discover the divinity portrayed in our missing Half. 

His music talks straight to the Heart, because it talks about the meaning of Life. 

In a world in turmoil and universal crisis of values, his songs are a heaven to the soul.

He lived his best creative years on Hydra, the rocky island he deeply loved and was inspired by.

It was a very special era, and he is the Ambassador of this epoch and of Hydra.

We send our condolences to his son Adam and to all  who have loved him as we have

We propose November 11th, to become a Memorial Day of Leonard Cohen on Hydra.  

We propose to the Municipality to name a street in his name and put up an inscription on the Cohen bench or elsewhere: “Here lived and loved Leonard Cohen ”   

For Hydra Hotels Association

Maria Kladaki Pierroutsakou 


Nicolas Skoulis


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