Christos Papadopoulos


City: Poros

Christos Papadopoulos

Christos Papadopoulos, fond of painting since childhood and sport, was born in Poros. Because of financial difficulties of his family, he tried a very young age, to conquer his own life and succeeded. He distinguished himself in national competitions as a Greek champion in diving and gymnastics. Being self-taught in painting, the American decorator MAURICE BAILEY discovered her talent and introduced him to the world of art and artistic decoration, which operated with great success. His works, in addition to paintings, including mosaics, tapisseri and embossed copper and brass. Has decorated exclusively with works by great well known hotels around the world, and three royal palaces in Iran, Jordan and Morocco. In his artistic work includes the design on cruise ships, department stores and houses in Greece and Europe.

After 25 years working abroad, he decided to return to his beloved homeland, the resources to beautify the inside of his devotion to art. It started with the crest of the island (there was) and went shopping and decorating exceptional and unique painted plates, causing the interest of tourists, who immortalized the and keep as a memento of their passage to the island.

Christos Papadopoulos currently teaches painting and mosaics tapisseri creative center of the island. The children work together and create team projects that adorn various public buildings, and feel very proud for their individual projects, which occasionally shows and exhibitions. The summer training is extended to visitors to the islands children, thereby tightening relationships. Also in the program stay in Poros groups American tourists, including visiting a local artist workshop, where Mr Papadopoulos tells them to offer the Greeks in art and sciences.

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