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Xylokastro is from Corinth about 40 km is an ideal place to stay, but for a base tour. Xylokastro is one of the nearest escape from Athens. It took its name from a wooden castle which was believed to be built there during the years of Frankish rule (1204 - 1261 AD).

Today Xylokastro has 6,700 inhabitants and is the third largest city of the prefecture of Corinthia. It's a place you can visit either the winter or summer. The beautiful sandy beaches and pine woods attract thousands of visitors every year resulting in Xylokastro currently constitutes one of the biggest tourist centers of the Peloponnese. Many here have built their cottages and the area offers a wide range of accommodation and entertainment.

Apart from the forest of pines, "the green shore of the fatherland" Kostas Karyotakis and inspiration of Angelos Sikelianos, with 83 species of plants and trees and the many paths leading to the Gulf of Corinth, you can visit the churches of St. Vlasios and St. Gerasimos.
Next to the church of Saint Gerasimos is room where you can see many religious relics. Also there is the early Christian Church Revealed rate. From Xylokastro you pop as Trikala (many Athenians they know as a nearby hunting) and from there can easily reach the ski resort of Ziria.

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