Nea Epidaurus

A few words

New Epidaurus is a historical village located northeast of Nafplio with a population of about 1300 inhabitants. This picturesque village is outspreaded on a rocky area on the coasts of Epidaurus Bay, and at an altitude of 100 meters on the slopes of the limb. Until 1928 it was called Piada. The residents are mainly farmers, cattle-breeders and fishermen. During the summer months, they are involved in tourism like running hotels, restaurants and bars.

A Glimpse of the Past
New Epidaurus was inhabited during the Mycenaean era, but during the Byzantium years it flourished as a religious as well as an administrative center. It also pioneered during the period of the national uprising against the Turks in 1821. On December 20 1821, the First Constitutional Assembly of the Greeks started in Piada and was completed on January 16, 1822. 59 representatives of the majority of the revolted areas of Greece participated at the Assembly casting their votes. It was during this very same Assembly that the colour of the Greek flag, blue and white, was officially decided, and the Constitution of Epidauros, the most progressive of its time, was written. On April 6, 1826, the Third Constitutional Assembly chaired by Panoutsos Notaras commenced. The Assembly ceased operation on April 16 only to continue a year later in Troizina.

In New Epidaurus there are two schools that were founded by the benefactor Singros. One, which used to be the girl’s school, is located in the village square and what was once the boy’s school is now the primary school of the village.

It’s a must
Standing on the road connecting Nea Epidaurus with Dimena is the ‘Neromilos’  (the water mill), which was restored with much care and love through tradition, thanks to the love and passion of Elijah Kaperoni. The Neromillos operated hydraulic power that turns the big wheel, so that in turn carry the traffic grinding mechanism with millstones. In the operating room and folklore museum, visitors can see a full workshop production of flour and groats, as well as wine press, threshing, wood oven, and more. Upon request, visitors can have a tour lasting one hour and a half with a presentation and participation in the process of production. Finishing the tour, guests can eat and drink in a welcoming and cosy atmosphere.

Local and other events
The cultural association plays an important and active role in the life of the locals. Each year, it organizes educational and recreational excursions as well as cultural events.
On 16 April, the memory of the local patron of the village Martyr Leonidis is celebrated through a variety of events.
Each year on 6 August, the Ascension of Christ is celebrated with traditional festival, giving you the opportunity to experience a different kind of human contact and recreation.
On December 20 of each year, the representatives of political and military leadership, the local governments and many people commemorate the anniversary of the First Constitutional Assembly through various events.

Local products
New Epidaurus is famous for its delicious oranges and the production of high quality olive oil and nuts. Visitors can taste fresh fish and seafood dishes, available directly from the fishing boats. The area also produces excellent pure honey and various honey products.

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