Attractions - Kranidi

Scattered all over the area, you come across amazingly beautiful Byzantine churches, which emphasizes the religious nature of the inhabitants. The imperious archbishop’s church of St. John the Baptist - Naos tou Agios Ioannis Prodromos – stands in the centre. ...


Moni (Abbey)Avgou
Attractions - Kranidi

Not far from the road that connects Ligourio and Kranidi, one can find the beautiful monastery built on the rocky slope of a mountain. Heading towards Trachia, you pass through the village of Pelei and you reach the end of ...


Traditional settlement
Attractions - Kranidi

The number of two storey, stone built mansions and the settlement with carved wooden ornaments and beautiful wall paintings are the last surviving traces of what was then the wealth of the city Kranidi. Stone courtyards with whitewashed walls and ...


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