Terms and Conditions for partners

Terms and Conditions for partners
1. Smart Marketing Solutions ( has an online reservation application platform, through which accommodation owners (partners) may be advertised and offer rooms for reservation.
2. Partners must read the detailed terms of this contract as found at and comply with them. In case of disagreement, the partner should offend the contract in writing.
3. Our partners, being the sole operators of the online reservation system, are exclusively responsible for current rates, room availability and other information available on the Internet.  In case problems occur among one of our partners and a client, our partner must strictly implement what is provided by law.
4. Our partners should clarify and specify their policies and terms of cooperation with their clients in order to avoid possible problems, which in any case will be solved by the hotel owners (our partners).
5. Our partners commit that room rates offered through our online application will not be higher than the ones offered through other online reservation systems for the same rooms with the same terms.  In other words, the same rooms with the same terms should be made available through our reservation application at the same or lower prices compared to those provided by other reservation platforms. In case a client finds a specific room with the same terms of reservation at a lower price on the Internet, after the conclusion of the booking, our partner is obliged to cover the difference.
6. The application notifies the clients and the partners by e-mail what is provided by law for the conclusion of the booking, always using the personal data trade standard technology "Secure Socket Layer (SSL)". Our partners must ensure that the notification of the personal data of their clients is avoided in any way.
7. Our partners must not notify to third parties any personal data of their clients and should abide by the privacy legislation.  
8. The reservation system of Smart Marketing Solutions does not perform any online charge. The clients will pay for the accommodation directly to the partner base on the hotel policies . There are no reservation fees!  During the online reservation process, the client’s credit card is not charged but used as guarantee for the reservation
9. The initial opening of the management application by the partner begins with the activation of the service.

Cooperating companies, owners = Partners
Visitors, users of services = Clients
Websites, platforms, applications = Services

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