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Nouvelles - Nafplio


Attractions - Ermioni

It’s worth taking a walk over to the renowned Bisti (meaning tail), the all-green piney edge of the peninsula on the town fringes; with its marvelous all-white mill, its great view, its crystal blue waters and its invaluable archaeological treasures, ...


By bike from Tolo to Iria
Choses à faire - Tolo

This is a unique track of about 35 km round trip that will amaze you with its beauty. It includes several straight lines, many turns and few uphill, on a road with asphalt but low traffic. Our tour will start ...


Canyon of Vothilas
Attractions - Nea Epidaurus

The canyon of Vothilas: It is one of the most beautiful canyons in Argolida. This green paradise between steep rocky blocks is part of the natural beauty of the area.


Commendable initiative from Peloponnese School of Tourism in Argos
Nouvelles - Argos

An excellent and commendable initiative of students of the second year of the Peloponnese Tourism School will be held on December 23.

The school students will prepare and offer a rich love meal, a hot ...									


Continues for the 19th year in agrotourism festival in the harbor of Ancient Epidaurus
Nouvelles - Ancient Epidaurus

Continues for the 19th year in agrotourism festival in the harbor of Old Epidaurus, held all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in July. The festival, with more stands and more stylish, opened last weekend and organized by the Municipality of Epidaurus ...


Danaon gaea
Distillerie - Producteur - Argos

The Peloponnesian vineyard is known to be giving some of the most exceptional wines placed on the Greek market. As for the international market, in the last few years, there has been a unique increase of purchases, together with tasting ...


Hiking from Tolo to Ancient Assini
Choses à faire - Tolo

This is a route of about 2.5 km that will amaze you with the beauty of ancient Assini. Our tour starts from the village center. Walking along the main road towards the beach Psili Ammos, at the end of the ...


It’s a must
Choses à faire - Nea Kios

Nature lovers are attracted to Nea Kios. Its beach and the Roumani swamp have a small natural treasure hidden in the reeds: the magnificent birds of various species that find refuge there and are an important part of the fauna ...


It’s worth visiting ...
Attractions - Iria

the two towers of Xenaga and Tsilimika in the area of Xydeika. You should also take a walk to the small villages Katsigianneika and Karnezeika. You will be thrilled by the change of scenery and by the gorgeous forests abounding ...


Karamanos organic farms
Produits écologiques - Nafplio

Karamanos ecological farms began organic farming in 1996 in a land that stretched over 18000 square metres (about 5 acres) mostly with citrus trees. Today the land being cultivated is over 40000 sq. m. (about 10 acres) mainly in Argolida ...


Peloponnese Region in the International Exhibition of Food & Drink Sial Paris 2016 »
Nouvelles -

Mythical Peloponnese traveled to Paris  giving dynamically presence for another year at the International Food and Drink Exhibition «SIAL 2016». The Peloponnese Region in order to enhance openness and competitiveness of quality Peloponnesian products participated with its own independent stand, where ...


Poros and Galatas: The Christmas... channel!
Nouvelles - Poros

The most beautiful Christmas this year is expected to lead residents and visitors to Poros and Galatas. The municipalities of Poros and Trizinias plan a variety of celebrations. The festivities take place from the City of Poros, in cooperation with associations ...


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