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Kilada is a beautiful small fishing-village at the coasts of the Argolikos Bay being not far from the cities of Kranidi and Ermioni. The population of the village is amounted to 1.106 inhabitants. The port of the village is a well equipped piscatorial one since fishing is the main income for the people of the village, and a good reason why all of them own their own trawler. Another very well developed manufacturing sector in the area is the fabrication of wooden piscatorial as well tourist boats at the two shipyards established at the area, which manufacture and sell boats to the whole country.

The small verdurous island Koronis stands up just before the entrance of the port kind of shielding the port from the strong northern winds.

Cave Frachthi and the important archeological findings in the area have given the region great fame. During the years 1967 – 1983 quite a number of very important diggings were carried out. When entering the cave the holes provided during the excavations are still visible. The findings from these excavations are many and with great scientific importance; human skeletons and animals as well, tools and ceramic object of the Neolithic period. Our first ancestors used to have this cave as their house approximately 30.000 years ago; hunting was their main source of food and the reason why the remains of so many animals discovered in the cave, giving us important scientific information about the nutritional habits of prehistoric humans. It was in this one Cave that the oldest whole human skeleton was discovered in Greece, a finding which is believed to be one of the fist burials that toook place in our country during the 8th millennium B.C. It is included in the list of the most important caves of Greece, simply because it is one of the few, if not the only one, continuously inhabited cave since 25.000 B.C. up to 3.000 B.C., approximately. The size of the cave is quite big, but it is not easy to be walked through and a small lake is formed in its inner parts. Near to the cave and at the village Fournoi the ruins of the ancient Mycenaean city Masi are found. According to Homer the town of Masi also participated to the Trojan War and during ancient years used to be the port of the ancient city of Ermioni.

But Kilada is also famous for the blue, crystal, magnificent surrounding beaches. Lepitsa and Evangelistria are two of them, where the visitor will be able to relax and enjoy the blue sea. Driving towards to Doroufi we come across quite a number of other beaches for swimming, or for fishing or just enjoying the view. The whole area of Kilada is ideal for those who love camping.

Among the annual festivals organized by the villagers the most famous one is the “fisherman’s fiesta” that takes place early in August. The locals with the support of the municipality organize a big drinking and eating festival with all kinds of fish and seafood, local wines, music and dancing, while occasionally famous artists are invited to perform.

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