Achats - Magasins


Mini Marchés - Agistri

Antoniou’s mini market offers press, magazines, cigarettes & mini market items. It specialty on the island is bio products such as gluten free, vegetarian cheeses, lactose free products, soya, almond & rise milks, bio children foods, wheat refreshments and more. ...


Boulangeries - Agistri

Barbara’s bakery is at the area of Skala, in Agistri, opposite the police station of the area. Just ask around. You can find pies for breakfast and/or snack, warm handmade bread and sweets! Small tip, if you want to take ...


Souvenirs - Agistri

Find at Mina’s souvenir shop a variety from souvenirs, bathing suits, accessories, equipment for your sea trips & traditional sweets. You will also find peanuts from Aegina island & honey at the department “perfume on a spoon.”


Pâtisserie - Agistri

Handmade desserts. OLA patisserie, is only 3 years in the island of Agistri. It started out offering frozen yogart and today you can enjoy your dessert in a beautiful environment, from delicious waffles with ice cream, crepes, orea-dessert to traditional ...


Souvenirs - Agistri

Thavmatopio is an art workshop that creates useful and decorative items from natural and recyclable materials. Sea wood and sea glass, pebbles, shells, sand and more “humble” materials are used to create unique items that capture some of the beauty of ...


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