The Peloponnese in National Geographic


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The Peloponnese in National Geographic

The ability to discover the Peloponnese will have visitors of the National Geographic Store in London where he performed event titled - The Peloponnese in the Heart of London - from 17 to 24 February .

- It is an amazing experience not only for those who adore the Peloponnese , but also for Londoners who want to learn about life there - stresses at the Athens Press Agency Fegkon Arthur , director of the store .
- The Peloponnese is a place that can inspire any man . Not only the natural beauty but also by the unique history. Visitors are also impressed with the amazing flavors and hospitality of its people - notes Mr. Fegkon .
Guests have the opportunity to discover the Peloponnese video , messaging , brochures , photography exhibition and tasting of traditional products .
Visitors to the event now , had only good words to say and not unjustly . On the one hand , the space chosen (pp. National Geographic, located in the prestigious district of Knightsbridge , opposite Harrods department stores in central London ) and the other the right organization contributed decisively to create a unique event for the promotion of Peloponnese .
Beyond all else, the visitor has the opportunity to learn about the famous festival of the Peloponnese, most important of Epidaurus . But there are also proposals for more adventurous tourists , such as bungee jumping from the isthmus of Corinth. - The event aims to promote the Peloponnese as a tourist destination throughout the year - the organizers said .
On his part , the journalist Paul Gouikinson , who , among others , specializing in tourist guides to Greece , says: - I am very impressed by the report . I m particularly impressed by the variety of products from the region . I must admit that despite the fact that I visit Greece at least once a year , some of these products do not know - no .
The question of ANA -MPA what stood out from the Peloponnese , Mr. Gouikinson answered : - First of all the story, immediately after its natural beauty , opportunities for adventures that you offer, its people and its unique beaches - .
Noted that the organization will - travel - in other European cities such as Paris , Vienna , Munich , Düsseldorf and Stockholm . These cities have been selected as they have direct flights with reeds

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