1st Cooking Contest In Tolo


Ville: Tolo

1st Cooking Contest In Tolo

The first Cooking Contest was successfully held in collaboration with Tourism Association of Toloand8cookinghatson Tuesday 12/04/2016.  The competition involved 8 cooks who had to prepare at least 2 different dishes. The three-member jury comprised Ms. Kalaschnikow, Ms. Bikaki and Mr. Lampropoulos, revealed the contest winners (1st place Mr. Skliros, 2nd place Ms. Talagani, 3rd place Mr. Delogiannis). A small number of visitors, about 90people, had the opportunity to watch the contest.

The association with the participation in this contest as co-organizer aimedto:

1)The promotionof Tolo through this competition.

2) The culinary culture promotion using local products.

3)The promotion of the local community and the exchange of knowledge and culinary experience.

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