Boutiques - Magasins


Sweet cookies
Pâtisserie - Ancient Epidaurus

We create daily traditional and special dishes with love and respect to our consumer with fresh ingredients and quality raw materials.


Sweet home
Pâtisserie - Nafplio


Souvenirs - Agistri

Thavmatopio is an art workshop that creates useful and decorative items from natural and recyclable materials. Sea wood and sea glass, pebbles, shells, sand and more “humble” materials are used to create unique items that capture some of the beauty of ...


To limani
Mini Marchés - Drepano


Supermarchés - Tolo

Super Market "Τολό" is located on the main road at the village entrance. There are several typical local products , fresh fruits and vegetables. Great variety and high quality food products, hygiene and personal care.


Marchés de poissons - Ancient Epidaurus

Visit the fishmongers Trata and discover the great variety of fresh fish and seafood. We love our job and we are adamant in our product quality and cleanliness of our shop. With knowledge, experience and consistency to the consumer, ...


Bureautique - photocopieuse - point de rencontre - Argos

For two decades we have established our credibility in digital office set-up, with contemporary implementation ensuring a true Office Collaborator. We provide computers, printers, photocopy machines, office machines and official SERVICE. We also undertake the design of logos, banners, ...


Fleuristes - Spetses

JARDIN florist in Spetses offers top quality services and products in the fields of cut flower, flower arrangement, adornments, organization of weddings, baptisms and events, as well as decoration of houses, firms or spaces of any kind. ...


Αmber’s house
Cadeaux - Nafplio

Our store has a large collection of handmade worry beads made from different materials and manufactured in our area. Visiting us, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the history of the chaplet and choose the one ...


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