Des plages


Small Neorio
Des plages - Poros

Type: A beautiful sandy beach with pines going all the way down to the sea. Location: After you cross the little bridge of the canal, turn left and, a bit westward, the coastal road will lead you to the Small Neorio ...


The Monastery
Des plages - Poros

Type: A quiet organized beach with crystal clear waters, next to a piney forest.
Location: On the east part of the island, at the foot of the hill where the monastery is built.
Access: There are regular buses, as well as taxis ...


Des plages - Kranidi

Type: Sandy, crystal clear water and greenery.
Location: Located a few kilometers from Kranidi.
Access: By your own means of transport.
Facilities: It is not equipped, so make sure you have all the necessities.


Timenio beach
Des plages - Nea Kios

Close to Nea Kios, Timenio is famous for its mud springs. The plenty seaweeds in the sea are an indication of healthy clear waters (for more details look at the Argos unit).


Timenio beach
Des plages - Argos

Type: A lengthy beach, with both sand and small pebbles, crystal clear waters and even palm trees. The seaweeds in the sea are an indication of healthy clear waters.
Location: About 6 km. south of Argos.
Access: By your own means ...


Des plages - Poros

Type: It’s a beach with both sand and pebbles, suitable for relaxing holidays and for any kind of fishing, especially underwater. Location: It’s in the north part of the island. From Poros, after the little bridge, take the road to the ...


Des plages - Ancient Epidaurus

Type: Surrounded by lush greenery, this beach, with its crystal blue waters, provides tranquility and relaxation.
Location : Located behind the church of St. Nicholas.
Access: It can be reached by road, sea or on foot as it is close to ...


Des plages - Porto Heli

Type: A tree-edged beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters; one of the largest in the area.
Location: Located 3 km north of the village, where the bay of Ververonta begins.
Access: By your own means of transport.
Facilities: There ...


Des plages - Vivari

Type: Picturesque little creeks with pebbles and crystal blue waters.
Location: Next to the bay of Vivari.
Access: On foot, if you are in Vivari.


Des plages - Spetses

In the northwest part of the island you shall find the majestic beach of Vrellos, only five minutes drive from the Poseidonio square, with regular bus itineraries at your service. The beach of Vrellos is one of the most beautiful ...


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