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Ligourio “Pyramid”
Attractions - Ligourio

The “Ligourio Pyramid”: A small fortification, known as “the Ligourio Pyramid”, is situated on the foot of Arachnaion Mountain, to the northwest of the village, on the Argos-Epidaurus road to the left, 200 metres from the church of Agia Marina. ...


Lion Gate
Attractions - Mycenae

The Lion Gate: An emblem of the Mycenaean prime time (1250 BC), it is the entrance to the ancient city, where we see the remains of the Mycenaean civilization. The widely known Lion Gate took its name from the enormous ...


Lion of Bavaria
Attractions - Nafplio

An exceptional sculptured monument found in Pronia Square, where the National Assembly met in 1832 to ratify the election of Otto as king of the Greeks. According to history, following the orders of Otto’s father, the sculpture was carved on ...


Lonely Planet: Nafplio & Peloponnese among the top destinations for 2017
News -

The Lonely Planet memorized the paths of Mainalon,  thewine of Nemea, Mani, the natural beauty of the Bay of Navarino and Nafplio. Peloponnese is the ideal destination to get to know the traditional Greek life and history of the country, ...


Marathon de Nauplie
Events - Tolo

“Nafplio Marathon” is held for the 6th year in a row in Nafplio, on Sunday 17th May 2020. More than 6.000 runners and as many accompanying persons from Greece and all over the world will take part in this sport festival of Argolida ...


Monument symbolizing the First Constitutional Assembly
Attractions - Nea Epidaurus

It dominates the central square and it is found in a perfect landscape, where the votive column stands at the top of the palm, symbolizing freedom and democracy. It reminds everyone of an important date in history, December 1821, when ...


Museum of Epidaurus
Attractions - Ancient Epidaurus

The Museum of Epidaurus, which includes a great variety of exhibits, is located opposite the site of the ancient theater. It was constructed in the early 20th century to house the restoration of the site of Asklepios, and the excavations ...


Musical July
Editorials - Ancient Epidaurus

The idea to use the small theater of Ancient Epidaurus for cultural events was delayed initially because excavations had not been completed.
The reopening was made possible after appropriate landscaping and under specific rules. Therefore, a variety of limited musical events ...


Mycenaean Palace
Attractions - Mycenae

The Mycenaean Palace: Located on the highest spot of the Citadel, it was the symbol of the power of its rulers. Its discovery was made in 1886; it was built on different levels. The Palace’s entrance is to the northwest. ...


Attractions - Sparti

Mystras used to be the most powerful Byzantine town in the Peloponnese from the 13th to the 15th century. It was a fortified town lying on the northern slopes of Mt Taygetos, at about 8 km to the west of ...


National Picture Gallery of Nafplio
Attractions - Nafplio

It represents an extension of the National Gallery, and since 2004, it has been located in a beautiful neoclassical building of 1905. The exemplary renovation of the building and the equipments were carried out by the Foundation "Alexander S. ...


Nymfaeum of Larisa
Attractions - Argos

It is situated on the foot of the hill of Larissa, with a monumental fountain, which was constructed in the mid 2nd cen. AD, and was the starting point for the city’s aqueduct. The place has been considered as ...


Official presentation of the 4th Nafplion Marathon
News - Nafplio

The Mayor of Nafplion and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Dimitrios I.. Kostouros will hold its first press conference in the media for the Marathon Nafplion 2017 (03/05/2017), in the presence of all Institutional, state, local and voluntary bodies ...


Attractions - Olympia

In the western Peloponnese, in the "Valley of Gods", lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, and the birthplace of the most important athletic mega-event of all times; the Olympic Games. Olympia is one of the most well-known tourist destinations ...


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