To veto
Mezedopolio - Ouzeri - Nafplio

Setzen Sie ein Veto gegen Ihre Freunde und nehmen sie in den neu renovierten Taverne Veto am Strand von Nafplio. In einer neuen größeres Gebäude, mit einem frischen Menü und eine fröhliche Stimmung, sind wir auf Veto in Nafplio erwartet ...


Tavernen - Ermioni

If you are in the area of Maderi - Ermioni, you have to stop at the traditional tavern “TZIERIS”, by the beach with tables overlooking the beautiful blue sea water. Here, we offer delicious Greek dishes, fresh fish, various assortments and ...


Restaurants - Ligourio

“Vagias” Restaurant is a very cosy and hospitable place at Ligourio. The visitors are totally satisfied not only by the aesthetic decoration of the restaurant, but from the good service, the variety and the portions of the really tasty, traditional ...


Vrissi tou daveli
Restaurants - Koliaki

The "Vrissi tou Daveli" is a very welcoming place where you will find delicious dishes of traditional Greek cuisine, snacks and sweets. Also, coffee, drinks and refreshments are served there. The family atmosphere combined with the fast service will leave ...


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