O Kipos
Restaurants - Nafplio

Close to Syntagma Square, between the historic streets of Old Town of Nafplio, you will find the restaurant "Kipos". In our idyllic environment you can enjoy your favorite flavors of Greek cuisine and delicious culinary feast of the Mediterranean. Our restaurant ...


O roulis
Fischtavernen - Nea Kios

Family business, since 1981.
daily fresh fish and excellent appetizers (spaghetti with shrimps - spaghetti with lobster, fish soup).
spectacular views of the bay of argolis and nafplion beautiful.


O spyros
Restaurants - Poros

Enjoy every meal beside the sea, in a beautifully decorated space, influenced by the island's culture. Fresh fish from the Greek island of Poros and meat from the region of Trizinia are beautifully combined with local vegetables, creating an irresistible mixure ...


O vassilis
Tavernen-Grill Houses - Nafplio

In the heart of old Nafplio between the First Parliament Building and the Church that killed the first governor of Greece is, since 1988 our traditional taverna. The tavern Vassilis is a space from the beginning of its existence has been ...


Restaurants - Tolo

Im Herzen des Strandes von Tolo befindet sich "Ormos", ein Familienunternehmen, das Kaffee und Essen in einer Umgebung anbietet, die Traditionelles mit Modernem am Meer anbietet.
Jeden Tag gibt es in Ormos eine Abwechslung von traditionellen griechischen frischen Gerichten und Kleinspeisen ...


Para thin alos
Pizzerias - Ancient Epidaurus

The tasteful decor, friendly service and taste were used as a base for the creation of «Parathinalos», located at the port of Ancient Epidaurus, where we expect to welcome you. Here you will find salads, pizza and impressive Italian ...


Tavernen-Grill Houses - Ermioni

At the picturesque harbor of Ermioni, overlooking the deep blue sea, you shall find Paradosiako. In its environment, a perfect combination of modern and traditional aesthetics, right by the sea, you may enjoy genuine Greek flavours from selected ingredients. Roasts, ...


Tavernen -

Parnasos tavern is located in the village of Metohi, just a few kilometers from Skala. The only restaurant in the best location of the village combines the beauty of the pine forest with breathtaking views of the sea. The restaurant ...


Fischtavernen - Spetses

Welcome to the oldest tavern in Spetses ... Uncle Panos fisherman, head of the family, founded in 1935, the tavern o "Patralis." Very quickly the fresh fish and tasty traditional dishes make the restaurant famous. Today the tradition continues with the ...


Petite planete
Restaurants - Mykene

Im Land, das die Götter wählten, um ihre Heiligtümer zu erbauen und wo ihre Nachkommen die mythische Festung von Mykene schufen, empfängt die Familie Ntasi in ihrem bezaubernden Hotel seit vierzig Jahren die Reisenden, die in diesen Gegenden verweilen. Der Name ...


Pitsakis club
Restaurants - Tolo

The Pitsakis Club Restaurant is one of the greatest places to eat in Tolo, serving a large variety of food, pitsas and ice-cream and it is here that breakfast is served. Half board is available on request.


Restaurants - Nafplio

Bistros first appeared in France in 1815. They were small restaurants that used to serve quick, small and simple meals of excellent quality. The bistro Popeye in the old quarters of Nafplio, even though in Greek territory, possesses the typical ...


Fischtavernen - Spetses

Just a few meters from the centre of Spetses, in a quiet little beach right by the sea stands the tavern Prima. Thousands of gourmet lovers who visit the island of Spetses and the tavern Prima in particular, enjoy exquisite ...


Pizzerias - Spetses

Das Provenza ist die neu den ganzen Tag Café-Bar-Restaurant Spetses, die kamen, um das Boot zu schaukeln. Ziel ist es, den Bereich Dapia mit dem erstaunlichen Ort wieder zu beleben, sondern auch mit seinen speziellen Gerichten zu überraschen. Es ist ...


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