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Iria beach
Beaches - Iria

Type: It’s quite lengthy, with crystal clear waters, partly sandy and partly cobbled. The bottom of the sea is mostly sandy and shallow. There are tamarisk trees along the beach with hammocks tied on them.
Location: In the village of Iria.
Access: ...


Island Dokos. Opposite Thermisia the oldest shipwreck in the world from 2200 BC
News - Hydra

The wreck of Dokos is the oldest known shipwreck in the universe. The underwater archaeological research on the island of Dokos (1989 - 1992) was recorded as the first systematic survey of ancient shipwreck in Greece, using even the most ...


Beaches - Ancient Epidaurus

Type: Pebbles and sand with crystal clear waters. It is a quiet and remote little beach surrounded by greenery.
Location: Located next to Vagonia beach.
Access: Can be reached by sea or on foot by following the path ...


Beaches - Nafplio

Type: The many palm trees and eucalyptus trees frame the street that runs along the coast and create a beautiful almost exotic setting. It is a sandy beach with shallow waters. Ideal for carefree swimming and suitable for young children.
Location: ...


Beaches - Tolo

Type: It is a small pebbly and sandy beach on one side and rather rocky on the right. It has crystal clear waters with sandy sea-bed.
Location: Located close to Tolo, near the ruins of Ancient Asini.
Access: It can be ...


Kastraki beach
Beaches - Asini

Type: A small beach with pebbles and sand and a bit rocky on the right side. The sea bottom is sandy and the sea is crystal clear.
Location: Next to the ruins of the ancient city of Asini.
Access: You may reach ...


Beaches - Porto Heli

Type: Very beautiful pebbly beach of a turquoise colour.
Location: Located northwest of Porto Heli.
Access: By your own means of transport.
Facilities: None. Make sure you have all the necessities.


Beaches - Vivari

Type: A quite lengthy beach, with crystal clear waters. It’s mostly sandy, and only at parts there are big or small pebbles. The sea bottom is mainly rocky, but on the left part of the beach it gets sandy.
Location: Just ...


Beaches - Porto Heli

Type: These two pebbly beaches are stunning because of the unique landscape; truly the most beautiful in the region.
Location: Situated in the dense pine forest of Korakia, northwest of Porto Heli.
Access: By your own means of transport. Access ...


Koronisi, Romvi and Daskalio
Beaches - Tolo

The beautiful beaches of the three small islands,  located across from the harbor of Tolo. They are ideal for those who want to be in isolation while enjoying the picturesque bays suitable for swimming and fishing.
Access: Can be reached by ...


Limanakia (small ports)
Beaches - Porto Heli

Type: It includes two picturesque bays, one with a pebbly beach and sandy seabed; perfect for small children, while the other is a golden sandy beach and deeper waters, in the shades of turquoise.
Location: It is located southeast of ...


Beaches - Ermioni

Type: Sandy with crystal blue waters.
Location: In Ermioni, close to Bisti.
Access: On foot, if you are in Ermioni.
Facilities: You’d better take all the equipment you may need. General: The beach with its idyllic landscape is quite popular, especially to young people, ...


Nea Kios beach
Beaches - Nea Kios

Type: A lengthy beach with both sand and small pebbles and waters of deep blue and green.
Location: Οn the mouth of the Erasinos river.
Access: On foot if you are in the village.
Facilities: There are taverns and coffee bars. Parasols are ...


Beaches - Nafplio

Type: It's a very small rocky beach with sand and pebbles.
Location: Located between the beaches Arvanitias and Karathona.
Access: Access is only a quarter of an hour walking or cycling on the unpaved road that connects Karathona beach with Arvanitia beach.
Facilities: ...


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