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The ROZOS restaurant in Portocheli won the contest Nationwide Premium awards 2017
News - Porto Heli

The Panhellenic contest awards Premium awards 2017 for Quality & taste, from the, concerning the award of quality & flavor restaurants from all over Greece .  


The Seven Vaulted Mycenaean Tombs
Attractions - Ancient Epidaurus

The Seven Vaulted Mycenaean Tombs: The plethora of findings certifies how famous the town of Ancient Epidaurus was. One of the most important monumental sites is The Seven Vaulted Mycenaean tombs at the foot of Mount Katarachi.  Walking along the ...


The Temple of Apollo Maleatas
Attractions - Ligourio

The Temple of Apollo Maleatas: In the 2nd millennium BC, on the Kynortion Mountain, behind the theatre, a grand Mycenaean temple was constructed, comprising an open-air altar and an open-air space for ritual dinners. It was dedicated to Apollo Maleatas, ...


Editorials - Tolo


Tomb of Klytaimnestra
Attractions - Mycenae

The tomb of Klytaimnestra: Located outside the Citadel of Mycenae, it was constructed around 1220 BC. The road to the tomb is 37 metres long and 6 metres wide. Very little remains from the sculpted decoration of the facade.


Tower of Aga
Attractions - Kantia

The Tower of Aga: This stone mansion, of an imposing grandeur, is one of the most impressive, untouched by time, edifices of the village. It used to be the residence of the Turk sovereign of the village (Aga) and the ...


Trion Navarchon Square
Attractions - Nafplio

The square of the Three Admirals is a historical square, where the victory celebration of Navarino took place. One can find the tomb containing the remains of Dimitrios Ypsilandis, one of the leaders of the Greek Revolution.


Victoria Hislop: Praises the Peloponnese in new book
News - Nafplio

Anthony travels Peloponnese and sends cards to his beloved in England - The cards arrive accidentally at the door of another woman ... The well-known British writer Victoria Hislop , who in 2005 wrote "The Island" , a novel dedicated to ...


Walking and cycling routes in the area of ​​the Municipality of Epidaurus
News - Ancient Epidaurus

The Greek Society for Environment and Culture and the Municipality of Epidaurus shall implement hiking and cycling routes in the area of ​​the Municipality of Epidaurus. It is an area of ​​great cultural and tourist importance. Routes allow: A. To ...


War Museum
Attractions - Nafplio

It is located just before Syndagma Square. It is an imposing stone building that has served as a museum since 1988. It is housed in a two-storey neo-classical building where, in 1828, the first Cadet school and later the ...


Windstar Cruises: New cruise to Greece in 2017 and includes Nafplion
News - Nafplio

A new cruise program that includes Greece, announced for 2017, the company boutique cruise Windstar Cruises. Furthermore the Greek islands are among the most popular cruise company in Europe. It will offer 14 different travel dates on tour in the Aegean ...


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