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Tropical fish on the Karathona beach in Nafplion
News - Nafplio

A strange kind of fish found in Karathona beach in Nafplion. Fish fistoularia, is one of the 28 fish from the Red Sea that crossed the Mediterranean crossing the Suez Canal.


Ververoda lake water ski center
Sea Sports - Costa

The ververoda waterski centre is built on floating platforms with a spacious sunbathing deck, changing room, toilet and hot shower. cool drinks are also available. at ververoda we specialize exclusively in water skiing, from starters on the boom to ...


Walk in Epidavros
Video -

Those who visit the land of Epidaurus, have a unique experience traveling in time through the scattered monuments on the eternal paths of civilization from Antiquity to Byzantium to our days. While enjoying the unparalleled beauty of nature, the ...


Walking and cycling routes in the area of ​​the Municipality of Epidaurus
News - Ancient Epidaurus

The Greek Society for Environment and Culture and the Municipality of Epidaurus shall implement hiking and cycling routes in the area of ​​the Municipality of Epidaurus. It is an area of ​​great cultural and tourist importance. Routes allow: A. To ...


Walking from Tolo to Nafplio
Things to do - Tolo

This is a unique track of about 8 km. it will amaze you with its beauty. Our tour starts from Tolo Regional road (exit 18) and we will ascend the mountain, facing at the same time a magnificent view of ...


Walking from Tolo to Vivari
Things to do - Tolo

This is a unique route of about 7.5 kilometers which will amaze you with its beauty. Our tour will start from Tolo. Walking along the beach towards Psili ammos beach then getting to the end of the beach, we will ...


Welcome to foreign journalists by the local Association of Hoteliers and the Municipality
News - Hydra

As part of the systematic collaboration of the Hoteliers Association of Hydra, the region and our municipality, a group of leading foreign journalists from England, Germany, Austria, Italy and Belgium arrived today in Hydra along with members of the Attica ...


Windstar Cruises: New cruise to Greece in 2017 and includes Nafplion
News - Nafplio

A new cruise program that includes Greece, announced for 2017, the company boutique cruise Windstar Cruises. Furthermore the Greek islands are among the most popular cruise company in Europe. It will offer 14 different travel dates on tour in the Aegean ...


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